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Few Properties of a Voice User Interface(VUI)

The technology today is up to the point where the human can talk to a virtual assistant on a computer and command it to do various tasks. This exactly explains, what is a voice user interface (VUI)? Various apps support the voice user interface. Popular VUI apps are Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, and Yandex Alisa. The following are the some advantages of a voice user interface.



Give Command without Putting Phone Next to the Ears


It allows you to give a command without having to put the phone near to the ear. You will be able to hear the reply of the virtual assistant from the built-in speakers on the phone. However, you can tell you’re the virtual assistant on your phone to dial the emergency number so that people can come to where you are quickly and save you.


Understand What a Local is saying while travelling


You can ask your virtual assistant to translate for you if you travel to a foreign country and you don’t know how to speak the language of the native people. All you need to do is to let the foreigner speak into the microphone of your device and it will translate it into the language you can understand. You’ll find it useful because there will be times when you must speak to the foreigner to get what you need.


Find Out Above Movie Time


You don’t have time to find out the movie times at your nearest cinema. For example, you are working in the office and you can’t spend time on your phone keep searching for movie times. In this case, you can tell the virtual assistant to look for the movie time so that you can make your decision and book the ticket online.


Help You To Read Your Email Messages


The virtual assistant on your VUI app can also go through your email and read out aloud the messages. Just tell your virtual assistant to read the email and listen to the message content. When you are done with your morning chore, you can come back to your desk and reply to the important emails.


Help You Shop for Groceries


You can ask the virtual assistant to shop for your groceries if you are busy and can’t drive to the supermarket. The virtual assistant can help you to go to the online store of your favorite supermarket and add to cart a list of groceries you want to buy. After the order for the groceries is placed, you simply wait for the delivery man to send them to your address.


Tell You a Bedtime Story


When you are sleeping, you can have the luxury of listening to your virtual assistant telling you a bedtime story. You can tell it to pause, resume or forward the reading of the story. It is free for the virtual assistant to read you a story. It will play sound effect and music to make it more fun to read along.


Set a Wake-up Call


You can tell the virtual assistant to set a wake-up alarm within a few hours. This works if your table alarm clock is dead and you have no batteries to put in.


Do a Math


When you are shopping for groceries, you need to calculate how much you have spent to see whether you need to put back something to the shelves. You can use the virtual assistant on your device to do the math.


Check the Time


It can help you to check the time where you are in while in a foreign country. This is especially useful when you are not wearing a watch while and you cannot find someone to tell you the time.


Play Your Favorite Song Track


You can tell your virtual assistant to play your favorite song. It is convenient as you don’t have to open the music app and go through a long list of song track names to find your favorite song. You can tell it to pause, stop, resume skip to the next track by just saving a command.


Generate a Random Password


The virtual assistant can help you to generate a random password for you when you can’t think of one. It is the same as using the online password generator to generate the password.

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